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Anthony Minichiello

Ep. 148 Thriving Through Challenge, with Anthony Minichiello

anthony minichiello health nrl nutrition sport unbeatable you Jun 10, 2020

Anthony Minichiello was awarded World's Best Rugby League player in 2005, and later suffered serious spinal injuries while playing the game and was told by doctors it was that serious that he'd never play footy again.

"Determined to find a solution and extend his playing career, Mini developed groundbreaking nutrition and exercise techniques to heal himself. He played a further 300 games for the NRL, taking his team to Premiership victory in 2013."

Mini was first on the podcast for episode 128 and he dropped some absolute gold knowledge bombs about optimising health and wellbeing and shared his story of healing the body naturally. If you haven't listened to that episode I highly recommend you check it out:

In this episode Mini discusses how he's personally been affected by the COVID-19 lockdown, losing his job and business income, and how he's found the opportunity to grow and THRIVE from these challenges.

We also dive into more around health and wellbeing and how his minifit company is now giving you the opportunity to train LIVE online with Mini himself!

Mini is also a fellow mentor of The Change Room program which you've heard me rave about and heard Matty Elliott speak about a lot in his two episodes.

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